Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paper Craft Therapy

I have found my "go to place" for a get away is in the garage in my "craft corner." I have limited time, so I like quick projects that can be completed quickly and I can easily share with others. I admire my quilting friend, Paula. She has some amazing creations - and she loves putting them together.

I LOVE MAKING CARDS - and my family knows it. They are fun to give and share with others. Going into a paper shop is a lot like a quilter going into a fabric shop - ideas just begin to run wild. I think I might be a bit like my grandma - she always collected great pieces of fabric - for a project to be done "someday." However, I collect papers - and use them for my therapy.... I am not sure if it's truly cheaper - but I don't have to schedule an appointment and wait.... just go to my corner.

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